Welcome To New Tutors

We welcome our new tutors and have prepared a guidance Information Pack to help with any queries.

We are delighted to welcome you to the CVT Tuition Referral team.

Once you have registered and been interviewed we will send you a   Tutor Registration Contract. Once we receive this back signed, we will add you to our Tutor database. We will send you all of our vacancies by email and please let me know if any position is of interest.

Step 1. Please download our  Welcome Pack  from our website using this link Welcome Pack

The Pack covers the advice needed to make the first start easy!

Please download Your TUTOR-BADGE-2020/21 & Reference ID number. This is to be worn at all  Tuition Sessions.

Step 2. Please read the New Tutor Tutoring Tips as this provides support especially for new tutors.

Please read and follow the CVT Child Protection Policy and the CVT Online Tuition Policy.

Step 3. Your Tutor Badge is to be printed and filled out with your Tutor Reference ID. This is to be worn at all Cardiff & Vale Tuition sessions. You are to download  the badge template and will be emailed your unique Tutor Reference number.

Step 4. Please download and read all the Training Guidelines and the Policy documents.

Step 5. As detailed in the registration agreement, Cardiff & Vale Tutors is a tutor referral service not an employer so you will be paid the gross amount for tutoring services.  As a self-employed tutor, you should be registered with HMRC for Self-assessment as soon as you start tutoring and can do this using the following link if you have not already done so: https://www.gov.uk/set-up-self-employed

Please do not hesitate to come back to me with any questions and I look forward to placing new students with you soon!     




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