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"A very quick response from Cardiff & Vale Tutors found a suitable tutor by the name of Paula for my son who is really enjoying his lessons with her and his confidence in the subject is improving. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend."

D. McMillian - Penarth

- 11/10/2021

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"I hope you are doing well.  I received my A-level results yesterday and was able to achieve an A grade in Physics. I'm really happy with this result and once again would like to thank you for all the support you have given me throughout Year 13. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to improve this much without your guidance and way of teaching! Wishing you all the best for the future...."

Austin A level Physics student - South Wales

- 11/08/2021

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"Anna is very much enjoying her lessons with Philip and says his teaching style is perfect for her so we are delighted. She wasn’t overly keen to be doing tutoring in the summer but since she had the first lesson it hasn’t been an issue. Thanks for your help"

Karen West - Cardiff

- 12/08/2021

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"The best part of the lessons is that the Tutor is  Speaking Welsh! Also, Trystan can readily provide easy-to-understand explanations to my daughter who has previously disliked maths. You provided a good match for my daughter and her needs.We have been very pleased with our daughter’s progress with Trystan. In a very short time he raised her level and in an end of term test, we now know she a..."

Parent of GCSE Maths In the Medium of Welsh Student - Cardiff, South Wales

- 10/08/2021

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"We often give Trystan very little time to prepare for new topics, as the school timetable is structured for physics on the Friday and Monday, and the lesson is on Monday evening.  Despite this, Trystan still prepares detailed notes, and follows lessons up with additional notes"

Philip C - Cardiff.

- 27/07/2021

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"Home schooling my daughter after her junior years was made possible with the support of Helen and her tutors. Helen identified tutors that would be sensitive and empathic towards my daughter and allow her to explore her subjects at depth. Her tutors have all been caring and supportive and appreciated the importance of building a positive tutor/learner relationship to encourage my daughter to reach..."

Helen Kingman - Cardiff

- 10/06/2021

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"  Just received my results I have been awarded grade C in chemistry Thank you for your support throughout getting my qualification Kind regards, Kashish..."

Kashish Raws, A level student - External student, Northfleet School.Gravesend, Kent,DA11

- 01/06/2021

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"I would just like to give you a massive thank you for the work you’ve done with S. She looked forward to your sessions every week and found it a great help with the work and her confidence. We will let you know her results when she has them. Big thank you, Helen Hi Paula, I have hugely found your work both helpful and useful. I’d like to thank you for all the support you have given to me a..."

Helen - Rhondda Cynon Taf

- 21/05/2021

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"Gareth has been terrific. His lessons have sparked a renewed interest in maths that had been fading through lockdown, and Oliver's engagement in class has improved markedly. Gareth tailored the tuition to fit Oliver's needs and I've been impressed with his organisation, flexibility and communication with both me and my son. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cardiff and Vale Tutors - you've been ..."

Andrew, parent of Y11 Student - Cowbridge

- 14/05/2021

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""I feel the agency listened to my comments on what type of tutor Lucia needed and having a sensitive and empathic tutor was key. This was provided and your tutors have all been very good. "(Parent) "Kathryn has a welcoming, friendly personality and was always very supportive and helpful.  I enjoyed having her as a tutor."   Lucia Kingman (student)"

Helen Kingman - Cardiff.

- 12/05/2021

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