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Proofreading: New Service With Cardiff & Vale Tutors

In this blog we introduce the background and skills of our Proofreader, Tracy. Tracy specialises in proofreading academic texts and has specific experience working with International Students and specifically those for who English is not their first language. I spent the majority of my childhood with my head in a book, escaping to fantastical lands and always knowing that doing something differ...

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Home Schooling With Cardiff & Vale Tutors

We think our Tuition brings success and diverse benefits for Home Schooled students. Here we set out our reasons why we think Cardiff & Vale is an excellent partner to choose for home schooled students. One of the greatest advantages of private tuition is its flexibility and specificity. Cardiff & Vale tutors can fit in with your schedule, and they can tailor their service to your requi...

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How A Private Tutor Helps Support Mental Health

There’s alot of truth in the old maxim, that reading is for the mind what exercise is for the body. Actually it goes for most forms of mental stimulation – whether you’re doing sums, painting pictures or writing essays. And just as an athlete learns to rest and relax their body in order to improve their physical strength, so a good student can learn to take care of their mental health. This...

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Helping develop your child’s curiosity

  It can be immensely rewarding and useful to encourage curiosity in your child outside of traditional scholastic structures, particularly if they aren’t naturally drawn to the structured kind of learning offered there. Schools can’t always cater to every child’s particular interests and needs – a Cardiff and Vale tutor can provide the flexibility and knowledge to take your child...

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Advice With Y9 Option Choices

Careers Wales are sending all Parents of pupils in Year 9 a letter and information pack this January to help with Option Choices. We set out  our advice in this blog to help your child make those important career choices. GCSEs are the start of a student’s serious academic career. Schools typically expect a pupil to take between nine and thirteen GCSEs, chosen from a wide variety of subjects...

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Helping You With Revision And Exam Success

Oxford Graduate  and Cardiff & Vale tutor, Barney Iley, shares his top tips on how to use your holiday time wisely to prepare for your upcoming Mock examinations. Barney is an experienced tutor in preparing pupils for A level and Oxbridge exams . He shares his advice to help you focus on what's required for exam success. All our tutors can help you use these top tips in tuition sessions. ...

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