Why Young People Should Travel

The summer holidays are almost upon us, and after a long school year there is nothing better for students than to let their hair down in the sunshine which can be even better if they are able to get abroad. In this blog post we will discuss the many ways in which young people can benefit from travel.

Exposure to Different Cultures

Experiencing the way people from countries all over the world live is a great way for young people to become more open-minded, gain new ideas and cultural knowledge. It can also help young people feel more confident in who they are because they can share with others what their lives look like, and therefore, it can help them notice all the wonderful differences that make everyone unique. It’s an opportunity to live outside of one’s comfort zone which will help students to mature and gain some resilience which can be then utilised in school life.

Meeting New People

Having a good support circle is an important aspect in life for everyone, however, it’s even more important for teenagers to have people who they can talk to and spend good quality time with. A staycation or a day out is a potential for making new friends (parental supervision is sometimes sensible for meeting new friends to ensure safety). Some people make friends on holiday that they stay in touch with for years to come – others perhaps make a friend for a week or so – either way, spending time with good people can have a positive effect on the well-being of a young person for an extended period of time and can be very uplifting.


Practicing Languages

There is no better way to learn a language than immersion – hearing the language all around you; seeing signs in the street; listening to the radio and trying to figure out the flavours of ice-cream can help students solidify the knowledge gained in school. It can help students connect the language theory with real practice. It can, at times, be daunting to say something in your second language to a native speaker but they are often so pleased to see people trying to speak their language that they won’t mind the odd mistake here or there. So if possible, take your children out on some travels so that they can put the French, Spanish, German etc… to good use.

In Conclusion…  

At Cardiff and Vale Tutors we are all about students broadening their horizons, learning new ideas, thinking outside of the box and being creative with the way they learn. Travel can help do that. The acquisition of a second language is especially helpful with general development of children and young people. More on how language learning can be beneficial in our July 2022 blog post, however, for now we hope you manage to get travelling this summer!

Written by Aleksandra Dul, our A level and GCSE English  Tutor. Aleksandra is also a freelance photographer at Not So Casual Photography which produces fantastic locally-themed calendars and other artwork, as well as writing her own blog focusing on themes such as wellbeing, mental health and personal growth.


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