Why Study History?

At Cardiff & Vale Tutors we have specialist History tutors who are WJEC Examiners, teachers in local Cardiff schools, offering GCSE and A level History tuition. In this article Llewelyn Jones,  one of A level History tutors, discusses why History tuition is more about the present than the past.

‘It’s a dead subject’, is an oft quoted comment about my subject, History. The standard response  I  often reply with is if we do not remember our past, we are fated to repeat it. And to an extent that feels rather true with the current rise of alt-right politics after the Great Recession, like 1930s politics after the Great Depression. But there’s more to history than a list of Do’s and Don’ts. History is ultimately about who we are, about where we come from and how we understand ourselves within our locality, society and the world. History has been used by equal rights movements to gather support for their cause and by dictators to legitimise their rule.

History can lead to any number of careers, providing those that study it with a number of transferable skills:

  • Critical reasoning
  • Analytical thinking
  • Ability to manipulate information (collect, compile, prioritise, summarise)
  • Construct persuasive arguments
  • Independence in work and thought
  • Negotiation skills – useful for group work

These skills make History students very desirable today to employers in a number of industries, from accounting, banking and management to publishing, higher education and various forms of media. History gives its students unrivalled flexibility in their career prospects and desirable to just about every industry.

Considering all of this, can you really afford to not study history? Please contact us if you are interested in History tuition. We can often face-to-face tuition or tutoring via our online service.


By: Llewellyn Jones, Cardiff & Vale A level  tutor specialising in tutoring Weimar Germany.

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