Why Last Minute Revision Matters

With GCSE and A-Levels exams underway, some students are facing the realities of leaving all their revision to the last minute, while others, may be finishing up some final topics and tying loose-ends. Whichever position a student finds themselves in, in this blog we will answer some common questions about last minute revision and give some tips on how to achieve the best results that students can.


I left my revision to the last minute? Now what?

Don’t worry, not all is lost because even if you do a small amount of revision at the last minute, it will be better than doing nothing at all. Take out your exam timetable and a calendar and write down when your exams are. Then for each exam write down an hour (or more) of revision time in the calendar. If there are some subjects you feel you need more help with, add in extra times to revise those subjects.


What do I revise?

There are lots of options for what you can revise for each subject. Here are some examples for core subjects:

Sciences: key terms, processes and formulas.

Maths: practice your multiplication and division, learn formulas.

English: literary devices (or writing techniques), important grammar and punctuation rules, re-read set texts.

How do I revise?

Flash-cards, mind maps and lists are good for when you want to revise key facts. We have a blog with more detailed information on how to revise here. (https://cardiffvaletutors.co.uk/news/how-to-revise/)  You can also practice past paper questions and check your answers using the marking scheme, and don’t worry if you made mistakes. Making mistakes is a good thing because it allows us to learn.

Is it too late to find a tutor?

It’s not too late to find a tutor. Tutors expect exam periods to be busy and often have more tutoring slots available because of this. Even if you want a tutor for a session or two to help you plan your revision, or if you want a few focused sessions – it’s very likely that Cardiff & Vale Tutors will be able to match you with an expert tutor.

When should I get a tutor for my exams?

Ideally the sooner you find a tutor, the better because they will be able to learn about your learning style and needs and therefore be better equipped to provide the best tutoring, tailored to you. That being said, experienced tutors will be able to identify what areas you should work on rather quickly.

Overall, we recommend that you give revision a go. Even if it’s a little bit of revision because every minute spent studying counts! If you would like any help with any aspect of your revision for A-Level or GCSE exams then please email us at: [email protected] or call us on: 07817322741.

This Blog was Written by Aleksandra Dul.

Photos by Olia Danilevich

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