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Cardiff and Vale Tutors is a highly prestigious company that has supported 2000 students to achieve better results. The company’s reputation means that parents and carers in the Cardiff area trust us to provide the best tuition possible for all learners. In today’s blog, we will discuss how CVT carefully chooses the tutors who work with us. We hope that this insight into our hiring process will assure aspiring tutors and students that we will achieve great things together.

1. All Tutors need a strong CV

Cardiff and Vale Tutors are proud of the quality of tutors that we provide; less than 50% of applicants who apply to work as a tutor are accepted. When considering applications, a strong CV is crucial. We know that parents and guardians prefer tutors with extensive teaching and tutoring experience, so we prioritise applicants with teaching qualifications. A detailed CV allows Cardiff and Vale Tutors to match pupils to teachers who will be able to meet their needs. For example, some of our tutors have had specific primary school experience, which makes them a perfect match for some of the younger students.

2. Communication Skills are Crucial

Some online tutoring organisations don’t require applicants to undergo an interview, but CVT’s interview process makes sure that every tutor we work with has strong communication skills. At the interviews, we hope to see a polite and friendly manner that suggests a calm and organised teaching style. The personal relationship between the tutor and the company is crucial for matching tutors up with the right clients to ensure that everyone has the best experience.

3. Our Tutors need a Strong Knowledge of the Curriculum

The curriculum and advice about how to teach it changes very frequently, so tutors must be up to date on how best to teach the GCSE and A-Level courses. We encourage tutors to take full advantage of the professional development opportunities to make sure that they are fully aware of how best to approach the gruelling academic courses.

4. All Tutors are DBS Checked

After an applicant has sent in a strong CV and proven their communication skills and understanding of the curriculum at an interview, we ask them to provide three references and an enhanced DBS check. These legal checks mean that parents and guardians have complete peace of mind that the tutors on our books are professional and safe. We require our tutors to bring their DBS form to the first session with new students.


Over the past six years, CVT has built a reputation among students and tutors as a highly organised tutoring company that expertly matches the very best tutors with the students who need them the most. If you are interested in joining our team, or if you would like to talk to us about hiring a tutor, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


This blog was written by Samuel Heaton, our  English GCSE and A level Tutor. Sam is a English graduate of Durham University, & a QTS Teacher with a P.G.C.E. from Manchester University.

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