What Is The Value Of Tutoring?


While many children do well in school without the extra support of personal tutors there are many that greatly benefit from having a personal tutor. In this blog we will be discussing the value that a Cardiff and Vale Tutor can bring to your child’s personal and academic life.

Caring for Students

Our tutors not only deeply care for their students’ academic progress but they also care about their overall wellbeing. Some students may have good relationships with teachers at school, however, unfortunately not every student will have access to a teacher in school whom they can trust and rely on when they are worried or stressed. This is why having a personal tutor is a great solution for those students that need extra support – in various aspects of life. Our tutors are trained in safeguarding, wellbeing support as well as their respective academic fields. Thus meaning that they bring more than just subject knowledge to their lessons – whatever it is that your child needs support with Cardiff and Vale Tutors strives to find a tutor that will fulfil those needs.

Limiting Distractions

Studying at home can be extra difficult because of  the distractions that are all around. From mobile phones to game consoles the world of technology moves much faster, and it is much more appealing to children and teenagers, than real life which in comparison is slow and boring. The environment that a tutor can create is classroom discipline mixed in with a more relaxed atmosphere, and more personalised teaching. For example, tutors can create ‘no-technology zones’ meaning that students cannot be sat with their phones or other electronic devices during lessons, and because of the formality that tutors bring a child is more likely to listen to a “no-technology” rule when it comes from the tutor.  Tutors are also prepared to change the topic or exercise if they notice that the student is starting to slowly stop paying attention. Tutors can help your child’s concentration by slowly training them to go longer without distractions. This does not happen overnight – like any other training it takes time, commitment and patience. It can, however, provide a great foundation for future learning.

Less Pressure on Parents

We understand that unfortunately not all parents have the time or energy to help their children with school work, and even those that do have the time they may lack the expertise in the particular subjects needed. After all, not everyone is a scientist, mathematician, linguist etc… Therefore having a skilled and knowledgeable tutor can bring peace of mind that your child is getting the best help possible without feeling burnt out as the parent trying to multitask too many things at once. Our tutors are able to get great results and also help your child find joy in the subject that they may have struggled with before by finding interesting connections with the subject to things your child is already interested in, or by looking at the subject from a different perspective that may suit your child better than what was shown in school.

Written by Aleksandra Dul, our English & French Tutor. She is also a freelance photographer at Not So Casual Photography which produces fantastic locally-themed calendars and other artwork, as well as writing her own blog focusing on themes such as wellbeing, mental health and personal growth.

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