Top tips on hiring the ideal tutor for your child

If you’re looking to hire a tutor for your child, there are a couple of things to bear in mind so that you can find a suitable tutor for them. Tutors provide that helping hand when your child needs extra support. Here are three top tips to bear in mind when hiring a tutor:

1. Knowledge and experience

Tutors have a wide range of knowledge, and therefore it’s always a good idea to check where their specialities lie so you know your child is getting the right support. Dependant on your child’s needs, you will also need to look into whether the tutor has relevant experience. For example, your child may be dyslexic; have English as a second language, or excel in school and therefore need a further push.

2. Availability

Choose a tutor that can fit around your child’s schedule, rather than having to fit in with theirs. Of course, a bit of flexibility will be needed on your behalf, but a tutor should be able to do sessions at reasonable times on the days suited to you. Try and find a tutor who can do as many sessions as you require per week, but try not to over-cram your child’s day, as they will also need some recreation time to relax after school.

3. Connection

Aim to find a tutor who your child can relate to and is comfortable being around. It may be best to run a trial session first and see how your child gets along with the chosen tutor. If they don’t feel comfortable, they may not succeed as well as they should. Our tutors are all DBS checked, and therefore we can assure that your child is in safe hands.

To hire your own personal tutor today, please contact Cardiff Tutors for more information. We are located in Cardiff and cover areas all over Wales and the world through the use of online tuition.

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