The Silver Lining of Lockdown



It may feel like a curse but honestly, it could be a blessing!

A slower pace of life, more time to think, no exams to stress you out, space and silence between your thoughts – glorious!

NO, what was that, I didn’t quite catch what you said? You’re Bored? Really?


Well, here at Cardiff and Vale Tutors we have been thinking about how best we can support you during these extraordinary times, so just in case you are starting to feel bored.


Why not use some of this delicious spare time?

To learn something new


To prepare and get ahead for when the school grind stone restarts. Exams and course work deadlines will be looming sooner than you think.

Here’s how we can help- ​​(Sign up for our online courses starting in May!)


5-week Group Revision courses in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Sociology, History Spanish, Maths and English:

o A level course will cost £40 and consist of a group up to a maximum of 8 students.
o A GCSE course will cost £30 for the 5 weeks
Learn something new:

Want to stay positive in these difficult and challenging times?

Mindfulness – is a set of attitudes and techniques to aid relaxation, well-being and positivity. Why not learn to meditate for mindfulness through a course run by a qualified tutor and experienced meditator?

Career Planning and GuidanceHas Lockdown made you think about your goals and aims in life?

Not sure now what you want to go on to study, or do for a career?
Need help applying for university when attending open days isn’t possible?
Then why not use this time to reassess your skills, motivations and values? This course with an experienced tutor and qualified university careers adviser, will help you match your strengths and personality to realistic career opportunities or university applications.

So Lockdown nightmare or Lockdown Silver Lining? I’ll let you decide… 


This blog was written by Melanie Hall, a Cardiff & Vale A level English Tutor and part time Careers Adviser at Trinity St David’s University

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