The Coronavirus Conundrum


Happy birthday never sounded this sinister.


Staring wide-eyed at the latest fear-fuelled headline, it’s like Steven Spielberg has overthrown the system. We’re playing by his rules now.


A clammy tremble of the hand, another discarded nail, a deep, mournful sigh. We’re here again. A stern, stone-faced man glares through the television screen as another scary statistic spills off his lips in eerie slow-mo. More cases confirmed. It’s quiet out there. Too quiet. Hazmat suits, quarantined cities, travel bans, tanking economies… it’s all beginning to feel like some surreal practical joke.


In the midst of all this panic and pandemonium, it’s easy to find yourself wondering if the twelve packs of bog roll currently obstructing your bathroom door were somehow a subconscious (and yet strangely functional) addition to the twelve tins of baked beans tumbling messily out of the kitchen cupboard. Hmm. Time will tell.


And so, as this so-called apocalypse draws nearer by the hour, as the impending doom sets in and you start barricading the doors with the remnants of that IKEA shelving unit that dad never quite finished assembling, upcoming examinations might seem a little, well… insignificant. Unimportant.


That’s where you’d be wrong.


Yes, it’s bad. Yes, we should take all of the necessary precautions and listen to the experts. Schools will most likely close in a few weeks’ time, but this isn’t a permanent fix. Regularity will return, equilibrium will be restored, and things will (eventually) go back to normal. When they do, you better make sure you’ve made effective use of your time in quarantine!


Here at Cardiff & Vale Tutors, we recognise that many parents are concerned about the current coronavirus epidemic. The prospect of infection seems rife. We appreciate that this might make the idea of face-to-face tuition impractical. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to take a look at our online tuition services as a viable alternative.


Designed by teachers


Our online tuition platform is a multi-faceted, accessible space, designed by experienced practitioners and educational experts.


An Interactive Interface


With in-built video and audio capabilities, students can interact with their tutor seamlessly, just as they would in any real-life lesson. Our advanced whiteboard feature allows teachers to tangibly demonstrate concepts and ideas, in the same way they would on paper. Students can annotate and edit files shared via this feature, so the session ultimately remains focused on progression and practice.


Quality Control


All of our tutors possess an Enhanced DBS certification, and for added peace of mind, our administrators can invisibly monitor online lessons to ensure excellence and quality.


Group lessons available


We also offer communal lessons for up to ten students at a time, all of whom can individually interact with the service.


Get in touch now, and stay safe!

Our latest blog is written by Jake Pezzack, who achieved a first class Honours degree from King’s College London in 2018, and currently tutors English and Media Studies for Cardiff & Vale Tutors.


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