The Benefits of Learning As An Adult

With local lockdowns coming into place across the UK, there is more anxiety than ever about the rise in unemployment. One of the best ways that you can stand out from the crowd in a difficult job market is to learn new skills that are more suited to the changing economy. You can do a questionnaire on the government website to discover which career paths you might be interested in. While far from perfect, this quiz has at least got people thinking about other career options that are open to them. If you are interested in the fun hobby of learning new things, get in touch with Cardiff and Vale Tutors today to find a tutor suited to your needs.

Boost to confidence

One of the major causes of a lack of confidence is a feeling of worthlessness. If someone is struggling to progress in their career and social life, their confidence can drop. Lower confidence can affect someone’s chance of succeeding – Henry Ford famously said, ‘If you believe that you can or you believe that you can’t, you are right.’

Learning a new skill is a great way to boost confidence. Once you learn 10 new words in a foreign language or master a new mathematical function you will be able to convince yourself that you are clever enough and persistent enough to do almost anything.

Makes you more employable

Employers want hard working and intelligent employees. We believe there is no better way to demonstrate how hard you can work than by earning some qualifications. Maths and English GCSEs are pre-requisites for many jobs, so a period of unemployment could be the perfect time to start working on these skills. Our tutors offer online tuition which can fit around your work and childcare schedule. Learning a foreign language like German or Spanish could make your application stand out from the crowd and earn you a promotion if your business regularly deals with international trade.


Many adults did not have the best experience at school and associate learning with detentions, exams and coursework deadlines. However, many adults find that learning later in life is a much more enjoyable experience. It can be a chance to meet new people and take part in fun activities such as art or dance lessons. There are even entertaining apps like Duolingoand Memrise which can be used to supplement online tuition sessions and help you learn languages.

Help your children

Since lockdown started many parents and carers have found it hard to support their children with their homework. When a child is sent a maths assignment, it can often be challenging for the adults as well as the children. Learning how to handle the challenges of the GCSE maths syllabus can help carers to support their loved ones. Sometimes the competitive nature of learning new skills together can encourage adults and children to work harder to beat each other. Children often find that seeing adults working hard at their studies can encourage them to apply the same revision techniques to their own learning.


This blog was written by Samuel Heaton, our Cardiff & Vale English Tutor. Sam is a qualified English Teacher.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

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