The Benefits of a Private Tutor


Throughout lockdown, many parents and carers turned to private tutors to help make sure that their children will not fall behind because of the disruption to their learning. The possibility of a second spike is on the horizon, and it is currently unclear how a local lockdown could affect schools when they reopen in September. Key Stage Three, GCSE, A-level and Degree-level tutoring is a reasonably priced way to make sure that your children keep on top of the rigorous academic requirements of the current curriculum.

Subject specialists

At Cardiff & Vale Tutors, we have a range of professional tutors with classroom teaching experience and subject-specific training. Our maths tutors are completely familiar with the GCSE curriculum for the major exam boards and are aware of the most effective modern teaching methods. This means that the advice and resources that the tutors can offer is especially valuable to households where the carers struggle to support pupils in completing homework or understanding important concepts. All of our tutors are screened before working with us and have an enhanced DBS check.

Virtual School

In the event of a second lockdown, many pupils will be interested in attending our Virtual School. This timetable of virtual lessons will take place throughout the day as well as after school. Subject specific tutors will offer sessions covering the Key Stage Three and GCSE curriculum for English, Maths, Science and languages while experts will offer A-level tuition in subjects such as Psychology and History. As a second lockdown would be a stressful situation for Year 11 students, we will also be providing intense catch-up sessions to help students prepare for GCSE exams for a very reasonable price.

Tailored tutoring

A major advantage of tutoring is that the pupil receives more intense attention to their educational needs. This influences every stage of the process at Cardiff & Vale Tutors; Helen, the direct manager, carefully selects tutors who will suit the pupils’ specific requirements. A GCSE English Literature student who is reluctant to read might benefit from an enthusiastic and relatively young tutor while an intelligent and hard-working Key Stage Three pupil could react well to an experienced professional who will be able to push the student to excel.

Instant feedback

In a classroom situation, it can be hard for a pupil to receive advice about how they can improve their work. Some teachers struggle to monitor thirty pupils to make sure that they are all working well and will only be able to analyse student progress when marking the books every week. In contrast, a tutor can look at the pupils’ work instantly and address mistakes and misconceptions as soon as they arise. Our tutors are happy to adjust the lesson plans to make sure that these issues are dealt with quickly. Tutors can also liaise directly with carers and make them aware of the best way to support academic progress

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This blog was written by Sam, our Cardiff & Vale English Tutor. Sam tutors our GCSE and A level English students. Sam is a graduate of Durham University and is a qualified teacher with a P.G.C.E in English from the University of Manchester.


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