Our Nomination for Best Customer Service Award

Cardiff and Vale Tutors nominated for Customer Service award.

The SME National Business Awards, which recognises the work of small and medium enterprises, has nominated Cardiff and Vale Tutors for the Best Customer Service award. The winner will be decided through a public vote and announced in a ceremony at Wembley Stadium on 3rd December.

Cardiff and Vale Tutors needs your help to win this award. If you have appreciated the extra effort that Helen and the team puts in to ensure that tutoring is delivered in a professional manner, please vote for us by following this link: https://lnkd.in/dNuHq3i

The SME National Business Awards aims to celebrate the talent and expertise that drives smaller enterprises and has been running for 5 years. Previous winners of the Best Customer Service award have included indoor climbing centres and hairdressers. Being nominated for the award is a huge privilege and shows us that the effort we put in to communication is greatly appreciated by our clients.

In a recent blog post on the award website (https://smenationalbusinessawards.co.uk/2021/03/01/incredible-customer-service-will-set-you-apart-from-the-rest/ ), it explains that word of mouth and reputation are the most effective way that a small business can attract new customers. In an era of social media, happy customers can share their positive feedback quickly and easily which helps the businesses to grow their reputation for excellent customer service. This has been especially important during the pandemic when medium sized businesses such as Cardiff and Vale Tutors have relied on their reputation to retain customers in uncertain times.

What we do to ensure our customers have the best experience

Helen, our manager and owner, is extremely hands-on and takes care to support tutors and customers through every step of the process. She interviews new tutors personally and verifies that they have the skills and experience to provide the quality tuition that Cardiff and Vale Tutors is known for.

Once tutors and pupils have been matched up, the Cardiff and Vale Team continue to work tirelessly to make sure that pupils receive the best tuition possible by communicating extensively with parents or carers and schools. Over the years, many customers have explained that they appreciate the professional advice and expertise that they have received from CVT.

How you can help

If you appreciate the hard work that the Cardiff and Vale team put in to support your learning, please make sure that you vote for us in the SME awards. It would be greatly appreciated.

If you are currently working with one of our tutors, we would really appreciate a short review about what the tutors’ strengths and weaknesses are. This would help us to attract new customers and improve our processes. You can see some of the feedback that other customers have provided on our website: https://cardiffvaletutors.co.uk/all-testimonials/

The final way that you can help Cardiff and Vale Tutors is by telling friends and family about the care and attention the CVT team puts into their work. As the SME Awards themselves say, the best advert for you can get for your business is a happy customer.


This blog is written by one of our tutors. Samuel Heaton is a qualified teacher and English tutor. 

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