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Our aim is to achieve “Better Results Together”. For the first time we are offering support for the GCSE Science Practical Assessment.In this blog our experienced WJEC Examiner sets out why our online Science tuition offer is too good to miss..

What if there was one way to have a massive impact on your child’s grade in Science GCSE? Would you take it?

There’s no coursework in Science GCSEs anymore. The exam boards were concerned the system was too open to abuse. But GCSE candidates will still be assessed on their practical skills and not just in the main summer examinations.

A practical examination has been introduced for every WJEC GCSE science student, whether the candidate is entered for double or triple award. Considering the grade boundaries are so close this 10 % could make a massive difference for not just one GCSE but two GCSEs for double award students or three GCSEs for triple award students.

So what can GCSE Science students expect from our online Science course?

Double award students will sit two practical examinations whilst triple award students will sit 3 practical examinations; one for biology, one for chemistry and one for physics. Each examination is divided into two sections. Section A involves carrying out a practical and recording the results. Section B focus on analysis and evaluation of practical results. The examinations all focus on similar content and are fairly formulaic; if a student can focus on a specific set of skills then they can do well.

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Cardiff and Vale Tutors are offering online sessions at a reduced cost aimed at improving pupil performance in this vital area of Science GCSE. For more information on how we can help please get in touch by email to [email protected] or direct by phone by calling 07817322741.We also offer  a marking and individual feedback service by a WJEC Examiner based upon real exam questions and mark schemes.

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