Making The Most of Half-Term

As most teachers and students eagerly await the February half-term, not everyone may be feeling so enthusiastic about it. Which is why in this blog we will share a few ideas for this half-term about what students and parents can do to make the most of it.


Catching up

The half-term week is a great time to catch up, and not only on school work! It can be an excellent opportunity to check in with your children: really talk to them about school, their personal lives and wellbeing. Sometimes talking, for both young people and adults alike, can be difficult and challenging. A good place to start is by changing the environment in which you will talk. Perhaps go for a walk or maybe a drive to pick up some food or a hot drink because sometimes being at home isn’t the best for open conversations. Catching up on school work is also a great idea for half-term. A lot of pressure can be taken off students if they go back to school feeling like they’ve understood lessons thus far taught, and if there is anything that wasn’t 100% clear then our tutors are here and happy to help and get students on track for the rest of the semester.


Dusting the cob-webs

It’s a good time for students to clean and perhaps re-organise their rooms, though they may protest, a little light cleaning will be beneficial to their wellbeing. An organised room can help save time when looking for things, it can make young people feel more motivated, positive and in control of their environment. If your child follows a routine, we encourage reflecting on that routine and having a think about what else could be implemented. If your child doesn’t follow a particular routine, then fear not, nothing is lost because a routine could slowly be created at any time. A small change such as drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, or reading a chapter of a book before bed, can help create healthy habits and teach your child self-care and simple discipline.


Having Fun

Last but not least…go have some fun! Though it can be difficult for some parents and carers to get time off work, one of the best ways to show your children how much you care for them is to spend some good quality time together. Even if it will be just an evening event – a trip to the cinema or board game night – it can make a world of difference. There are also many fitness and sports clubs offering half-term activity camps which can be a great way for your child to meet friends from outside of their school environmen


A few final words…

Should you notice that your child may need extra support, be that school related or personal, during half-term, we at Cardiff and Vale Tutors are here to help. Whether it is maths, science or English support, our tutors also help students take a step back from the worries of their day-to-day lives and for an hour enjoy learning in a safe and comfortable environment.

We wish both parents and students a lovely half-term and we are looking forward to seeing you after it!

This blog was written by Aleksandra Dul, our English A level and GCSE Tutor.


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