Make the Most of the Winter School Holiday: A Cardiff & Vale Tutors’ Guide

It is now the winter school holidays, we would like to share some ideas with you on how to use the time wisely and make the most of it. In this blog we will share some advice on getting organised, as well as target setting and how tuition can help students achieve their goals.

         Everything happens so quickly nowadays, and a lot of it happens on all our different devices. While at Cardiff & Vale Tutors we are all for being digitally savvy, we also believe in a good ‘old-fashioned’, paper  planner. While smartphones all have calendars, sometimes writing something on paper can be more impactful. Once the student has chosen a planner they like the design of, and perhaps a nice pen or two, they should write down their homework, when they will revise or any ‘to-do lists’ for the coming week, as well as nice things that they may have planned. This can be motivating and seeing it down on paper can make the work necessary to do seem less overwhelming.

Though students receive targets set by teachers in school, setting their own personal goals and targets can be a big help. This is because they can feel more in control of their learning and progress if they chose what their targets are. This can be empowering and thus lead to more self-confidence and in turn hopefully better results. We have a free ‘setting goals’ work sheet that you can access here. .

The two weeks winter holiday can be the perfect time to get back on track with work, and by doing so, relieve some of the stress that perhaps has been building up during the term.

Consider doing the following:

  1. Past papers: This will help with exam technique and will show what knowledge could be brushed up on.
  1. Writing summaries: summarising key information from certain topics or lessons with key information is a useful revision tool – see our latest post about summaries on our social media pages!
  1. Find a tutor: it can also be a good time to consider finding a tutor that can support your child with revision, catching-up, target setting etc…

Did you know that at Cardiff & Vale Tutors we offer group tuition?

This means that your child can start tuition with a friend for only £4.50 per extra student. Tuition doesn’t even need to be full-time, as some students benefit from even one or two sessions, or from a session every two weeks for example. We can match students to tutors that will best suit their needs, so that we can achieve better results together.

         Though the winter holiday is an excellent time to do some extra work, it’s also a time to rest. It’s no surprise that some animals hibernate through winter – it can be a difficult time! Which is why it’s also important to allow you child to take to sleep in, to read a good book, relax, hopefully go out and play in the snow if we get some!

We wish you a peaceful, fun and productive winter holiday season!

Written By Aleksandra Dul. Photo by Erik Mclean

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