How does Online Tuition Compare to In-Person Tuition?

Nowadays events are split into two categories: online or in-person. This sometimes can be a blessing or a bit of a hinderance – depending on an individuals’ circumstances. This distinction, of in-person and online, carries across into tutoring services. While some tutors preferred online tutoring prior to the Covid-19 pandemic anyway, there has been an increase of tutors that had made the transition from in-person to online tutoring more permanent despite restrictions ending. In this blog we will discuss the benefits of this change and point out how it differs from distanced learning.

A recent survey carried out in 2022 by Bramble, a tutoring company, showed that 87% of students – out of 480 that took part in the survey –  found ‘online tutoring to be more or as effective as in-person’.* The survey also showed that out of 982 tutors, 51% reported they tutor exclusively online, and it is no surprise since there are plenty of benefits of teaching online – for both tutors and students.


What are the benefits of tutoring online?

  1. Accessibility to education from anywhere. For those who live in more remote areas, it can be a huge help to try online tutoring instead of having to travel far. Online tutoring can also mean that tutors don’t have to cancel lessons if they are going away somewhere for a few days, as they can tutor from any location where they have good internet connection. This can mean more continuity for students and more opportunities to be matched with a tutor that best suits students’ needs.

  1. Lower travel costs. When tutoring online, tutors don’t have to drive or use public transport to get to the classes. This is a benefit to both tutors and parents because in some cases the tutor may request travel expenses at 45p per mile for in-person tuition. This also creates a benefit for the environment as it can lower fuel related emissions – so it’s a win-win situation!

  1. Students can feel more comfortable. Online tuition still provides the opportunity for a great tutor-student relationship, but it also allows the students to be taught in their own space and have that little bit of distance which online meetings provide, and that for some more nervous students or those suffering with anxiety can be a huge help.

Does online tutoring work for all students?

The simple and honest answer is no. Online tutoring may not work for every individual because everyone is unique and has different needs. It is worth a try however, a lesson or two, to see how the student responds and if it isn’t a match then perhaps in-person tutoring would be better.

Is online tutoring the same as distanced learning schools provided?

One main concern parents and students have is that online tutoring will be the same as distanced learning which schools carried out during the lockdowns. It’s very important to keep in mind that back then teachers had a lot on their plates. Many were juggling teaching online, setting work etc…, while also teaching children that were still coming into school and dealing with their own personal stresses that the pandemic brought onto everyone.

Online tutors have the opportunity to work in a more relaxed environment. They have all their resources adapted to the online format, good equipment such as webcams, microphones, headphones already bought and set up. They also have the experience of how to run a class smoothly and in a way that will be most efficient for students. They know of various different platforms that provide a more interactive experience, and they can give all their attention to their students, that perhaps teachers were able to.

We understand that online tutoring may not be for everyone, and that in some cases in-person may be better, but we hope that this blog has explained a little bit of the positives of online tutoring.

Written by Aleksandra Dul.  Photo by Julia M Cameron

*Source: ‘Online tutoring continues to grow’, Chambers, W. Sept, 2022. [].

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