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We think our Tuition brings success and diverse benefits for  Home Educated students Here we set out our reasons why we think Cardiff & Vale is an excellent partner to choose for both home schooled and home educated students.

One of the greatest advantages of private tuition is its flexibility and specificity. Cardiff & Vale Tutors can fit in with your schedule, and they can tailor their service to your requirements and goals. It’s because of this that a private tutor can be a wonderful asset for home schooled students.

Without the apparatus and resources of an educational institution to guide you, it can be hard to know how best to structure your child’s learning. A tutor with a background in various areas of education, like the sort used by Cardiff & Vale, can bring their knowledge not only of specific subject areas, but also much of the logistical and pragmatic challenges that are encountered – whether its bureaucratic efficiency in the face of exam boards, or the intricacies of UCAS applications, the questions surrounding education often require help from experienced professionals. Having help from a Cardiff & Vale Tutor is an effective way to ensure a home-educated child isn’t at a disadvantage.

However, learning is ultimately about, well… learning! And luckily this is where private tuition can make a world of difference in the context of a home schooled child. By employing specialists in particular subject areas, a parent can ensure their child is receiving the sort of education they intend. If there are subjects that need more attention, or that a parent wishes to emphasise, a Cardiff & Vale Tutor can react and personalise their lessons accordingly. Moreover, the freedom of being outside regular school structures means that parents wishing to broaden their child’s education through non-traditional means have the flexibility to do so. Some of the most effective tuition I’ve ever provided came about because the parents requested less straightforward teaching. The result? Trips to the local museum, and lessons based on our experiences and insights there, and a child who had formerly yawned at history suddenly engaged and curious about it. The freedom afforded by home education can be a great asset, and a tutor can be a brilliant way to capitalise on that in a way that is reliable, inventive and constructive.

Home Education doesn’t have to mean learning without the company of other students either. Cardiff & Vale tutors can tutor  groups of students together, with online group sessions, which not only keeps costs down, but also allows students to learn from one another, to make friends and to develop their social confidence. Which leads us to the final advantage of private tuition for home educated  students: cost.

One of the barriers often associated with effective Home ED is the price of resources and tutors, but Cardiff & Vale are determined to offer a service that anyone can benefit from. By charging reasonable rates and dynamically organising group sessions and highly tailored lessons, Cardiff & Vale tuition can actually be extremely cost-effective. This also includes online tuition with live tuition. For students who have special educational needs or have unpredictable schedules, home educating is often the only viable option. With online tuition, students can gain the same dedication and flexibility of service as in-person education, no matter where they are based or what their needs. In fact, Cardiff & Vale have a successful history of working with students on the autistic spectrum via online live tuition.. Work can be marked and assessed using online tuition, all of which our tutors are skilled in, and the same educationally enriching relationships can still be cultivated.

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