Half Term Happiness

With an 8 week half term in Cardiff & the Vale many students and indeed parents are so ready for this holiday. In this blog Emma Rowell, our English tutor explains how with clever time management this week can be used to benefit you long term..

It’s here! It’s finally here! Rejoice, for half term is FINALLY upon us! It’s been eight weeks of hard graft sleepless nights but we made it!
October half term is a strange phenomenon. For many, it is a week of indulgence, a week to sit back and relax but for many it can be a time of stress and panic. I’m talking, of course, about those resitting exams, those with mocks on the horizon and those who are just natural born worriers… and teachers.
The key to a successful half term is to use your time wisely. Sitting around all day in your pyjamas watching reruns of Jeremy Kyle might seem like a good idea but, in reality, aren’t you just making more work for yourself? What can you really get done in the time it takes to get the lie detector tests back?
I propose this. Read.
Sit back, grab a good book and let yourself drift away to lands where anything is possible, lands of magic, mystery and mayhem – all of which can be found within a few pages of a book. If you’re anything like me, you’ve had eight weeks of rough and tumble and you’re in desperate need of some TLC. It is proven that people who read for pleasure do better in life, have reduced stress levels and are in better physical shape than those who do not. In terms of English revision – it’s the best thing you can do. Ask your teacher for a recommended reading list. Go to your nearest bookshop and talk – yes, actually converse – with the assistants. They are more than happy to help.
Reading for pleasure will also put you in the right frame of mind to tackle that pile of revision you’ve been putting off. Reading centres you and motivates you to accomplish more. Once you’re in the mood – you’ll find that following a revision timetable and “to-do” list is easier than you thought. Did I mention those? No? Ooops… Making a list of thing you need to get done and a timetable for doing them is not only effective but can also allow you to see that the mountain of work you have is more like a little hill. Allow yourself plenty of tea breaks (a cheeky biscuit is also advisable) and that your “to-do” list is achievable (I’m still trying to tick mine off… how hard can it be to rebuild an original 1940s garden shed?!)
Finally, this. Do remember that October half term is only a week long and when you return to school, it is a mere six weeks until Christmas (Yes, I said the C word). You will need all your mental energy and strength to survive mock exam season. Get plenty of rest, make sure you eat plenty of good, wholesome food (Pizza doesn’t count. I checked. Twice) and above all, please remember to be kind to yourself.
To all the students out there – you can do this. Use your time wisely because you won’t get it back.
To all the teachers reading this – may your naps be long and your worries be few.

See you in November!

Emma xx

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