Do your children have music lessons? If the school can’t help, one of our music tutors can

Does your child struggle to understand maths? Do you watch them hesitate to talk to new friends, or to participate in group activities? When tackling homework, do they merely aim to do the bare minimum to pass? They might benefit from music tuition outside of school, which is widely recognised as a great way to improve these (and more) skills at any age.

Studies have shown that early music education helps to develop the areas of the brain associated with language, spatial intelligence, and mathematics, which is highly intertwined with music. I can personally confirm this, as a trainee professional singer and maths tutor! Children who learn to play a musical instrument can even develop their coordination and motor skills, which are continually being exercised.

Music is a naturally collaborative subject, as children learn to cooperate with, listen to, and even lead their peers. A child’s social skills and discipline levels will inevitably improve as they learn to communicate with others working towards a common goal.

More of the brain is used when singing or playing an instrument than most activities, which means that musicians’ brains can eventually work harder for longer periods of time. Young musicians are encouraged to excel, as music is most enjoyable when everyone is working at their best and pushing themselves.

The benefits aren’t limited to instrumentalists either: studies show that singing literally makes you happier, as endorphins are elevated and stress is lowered.

Finally, extra music education with Cardiff & Vale Tutors can encourage young people to think creatively as they find new solutions to the problems in front of them. Furthermore, as a young pianist encouraged to compete in music festivals, I learnt to take risks and conquer nerves early on, which I believe has contributed to my self-esteem as an adult. Perhaps more importantly than the possible academic benefits, music tuition can make your child happier, more imaginative and more confident. Contact us today for more information .

BY: Joanna Goldspink a Cardiff & Vale Maths and Music private tutor.

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