Breezing Through The Exam Season

We offer Easter Revision sessions and intensive day time sessions during Study Leave ..

Exam season is almost upon us and that, unfortunately, can go hand-in-hand with stress. While some relax over the Easter holidays, others are filled with worry awaiting the exams. The easiest way to avoid this worry and stress is quite simply to revise. Revision is key as it prepares every student for any exam and if they are prepared, what’s there to worry about?


It is that time of year when students need to start planning their revision sessions and deciding if they want that extra help to push them through the exam period confidently. Revision sessions allow students the chance to have extra help organising and planning how they study in order to be as proactive as possible. The tutor can help recognise particular techniques that work well for each individual so that they use their time as effectively as possible.


It is also incredibly useful to have extra help on any subject or topic and a tutor can also help with any doubts that the student might have. These sessions usually review what the student has learnt and between the tutor and student, they can figure out what they need more help with in order to spend the time effectively. The tutor will make sure the student gets the most out of each session allowing them to breeze through their exams.


At Cardiff Vale Tutors, there are several options available to students so there is something to suit everyone depending on how they like to learns and how they absorb the information.

Tutors will be available to go to the students home allowing the student to feel comfortable and at ease as they review the topics required. The schedule can be set in advance providing enough time to plan the study periods which the assigned tutor will also be on hand to help with. Extra students or group tuition is also available for those who find it easier to learn with peers. Just give Cardiff & Vale Tutors a call to discuss. There is also online tuition for those students who would like a little more flexibility and this is still a very effective method of tutoring.


If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction to help make exam season as stress-free as possible.

Bookings now taken for Easter Revision Sessions and Study Leave Revision Slots

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