Excellent A level Psychology Tutor

I would like to give a review on Amy Angharad, a Psychology tutor with whom I worked with over the last year

I appreciate Amy’s help very much in preparing me for my A level Psychology Unit 3 exam. I always looked forward to my sessions with her and she was very flexible with the slots I could book. This  is extremely helpful for someone like me who’s schedule can very each week. As far as the sessions went I can’t fault Amy, she would always come prepared with a clear plan on what sections and topics I will cover next. The sessions were never too serious and we had a good laugh. She would always come up with a good example of the certain topic I would be learning about, to help me remember it better, and I would usually be able to relate to the example in every day life. Finally I’d like to comment on the extra work she sent me to complete in between lessons sessions, I would be set exam type questions to answer in-between sessions and complete. Either open book or closed, Amy then would set them for me and then use her knowledge to mark when I next see her.  This not only made sure that the tutor sessions were not the only bit of Psychology revision I was doing over the week but it  gave me good practice and insured that I knew what the examiners were looking for when marking my answers.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Amy and would recommend her highly to anyone who is sitting A-level Psychology .

Jacob Morgan - Wenvoe - 27/08/2020

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