Become a Tutor

We are always keen to recruit new tutors.

Cardiff & Vale Tutors provides private tuition and in-school programmes throughout the Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan area. We are looking for quality tutors with a passion for education and a dedication to helping children and adults fulfil their academic potential.

Tutoring is a very rewarding career opportunity as you will be directly impacting children’s future and enabling them to have a solid foundation for academic success. You will be at the heart of our city’s community providing supplementary education services that complement the national curriculum and enabling students to develop and stretch their abilities at their own pace.

You can be flexible with your working hours, but we do require a minimum commitment of 6 months

If you would like to apply to become a tutor, please e-mail the application form below to  along with scanned copies of your most recent qualifications. If you have a DBS certificate that is less than 2 years old, please include this with your application.

Download your application from here:


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