Why Study English?

Posted: 5th Aug 2017

Why Study English?

English is the second most spoken language in the world and so being a native speaker definitely has its advantages. But why stop there? Extra tuition with Cardiff & Vale Tutors can give you the opportunity to master English in a way that many native speakers cannot. Understand why we speak the way we do. Delve into English literature discovering the works of the greats; Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and many more. English has a lot more to offer than you might think.

Common Misconceptions

Many people fail to see the point of studying English. They assume that students, especially in secondary schools, should focus on subjects, which they will continue onto higher education. This however, is certainly not the case. Not only does English make for an incredibly interesting degree at university, it also provides you with the skillset for fantastic job opportunities. However, even if English is not the chosen degree subject, it is undoubtedly helpful in every aspect of life in the future.

Benefits of Studying English

A candidate applying for a job who can write well is certainly appealing. Another key skill we gain from studying these subjects is an insight into the culture of the language. This is where literature is very helpful. As we watch our favourite show and laugh along at all the jokes, we might not realise how many references are made. We also might not realise how many references we are missing by not opening our minds up to the famous works of art that await us. Studying famous quotes, phrases and learning about the celebrated poets and writers helps us to understand the culture of English which is referred to on a daily basis.

This however, does not mean to say that we are confined to just British culture. It can include the study of other cultures and other languages which has helped to inform English. It also provides us with an alternative to television, allowing us to immerse ourselves in something deeper, providing us with a greater interest in language and culture in general.

Why do we love to read?

In the last 30 years, the number of books teenagers are reading has dropped by over 20%. 75% of parents wish their kids would read more, but why is this? Reading brings a fulfilment and an enrichment to which nothing else can compare. The readers can engage with their book getting lost in the pages and feeling a direct connection with the characters and the stories. Using just our imagination we can truly relate. Books can take us on a journey through the streets, introducing us to new people, new senses, without even leaving our room.

Why is reading good for us?

Studies show that reading helps to reduce cognitive decline in adults by up to 32%. It also makes us more emphathatic which is a great trait for kids to learn. Reading can help keep our brain young and melt away stress that tends to engulf us – the benefits are endless!

A Future with English

Students can further their studies at University. These can lead to fantastic opportunities such as jobs within journalism, publishing and in media in general. They can also consider jobs in advertising and PR, even in teaching. English gives us the skills we need to get the most out of our language, using it to our advantage.

Article Writer Holly has a BA in English Language and Spanish from Cardiff University. She has a TEFL qualification and has taught English in several cities in Spain. As a Cardiff & Vale Tutor Holly has tutored students in English, Science, and Maths.