Lifestyle tips to improve your child’s performance in school

Posted: 26th Jun 2017

It’s only natural for parents to fret about their child’s performance in school. You may have noticed signs that your son or daughter is falling behind and will now be looking for ways to help them keep up with their education. A private tutor is certainly one option because this will ensure that your child is receiving regular one-on-one assistance. However, there are a number of lifestyle changes that could also help your son or daughter excel in the classroom and indeed when they’re with their personal tutor. Here are just a few to think about.


A good night’s sleep is vital for focusing during the day. Depending on your child’s age, they are recommended to hit a certain amount of hours in bed to work at full capacity. This is 9-11 hours for those aged between six and 13, and 8-10 hours for those between 14 and 17. A solid routine should help your child hit their full potential between school hours.


Children who regularly enjoy food lacking in nutritional goodness can become stressed more easily, feel tired throughout the day and are more prone to suffering from health issues such as diabetes or obesity. Meanwhile, a balanced diet that’s high in fruit and veg is proven to improve the brain’s capacity – something that your child will need when trying to retain information and grasp difficult subjects.


Exercise can reduce blood pressure, help manage weight and improve the capacity of the heart and lungs. This all leads to a healthier immune system and contributes to fighting off illnesses that may cause your child to miss school and fall behind on the syllabus.

Assessing your child’s needs

It’s perfectly acceptable to come to the conclusion that your child needs a helping hand. Get in touch today to find a personal tutor who can offer their breadth of expertise to improve your son or daughter’s performance in school and get them back on the road to success.