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Advice With Y9 Option Choices

Careers Wales are sending all Parents of pupils in Year 9 a letter and information pack this January to help with Option Choices. We set out  our advice in this blog to help your child make those important career choices. GCSEs are the start of a student’s serious academic career. Schools typically expect a pupil to take between nine and thirteen GCSEs, chosen from a wide variety of subjects...

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Helping You With Revision And Exam Success

Oxford Graduate  and Cardiff & Vale tutor, Barney Iley, shares his top tips on how to use your holiday time wisely to prepare for your upcoming Mock examinations. Barney is an experienced tutor in preparing pupils for A level and Oxbridge exams . He shares his advice to help you focus on what's required for exam success. All our tutors can help you use these top tips in tuition sessions. ...

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Why Financial Education Is Important

In our latest blog teacher and tutor Daniel McGough spells out why  Financial Education lessons are important, regardless of age.   Financial Education: Who it is for? Why is it important? And how can Tutoring help?   In September 2014 Financial Education became part of the curriculum, but who is it for? Why is it important? And how can tutoring help? This article aims to answer...

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How do I know if having a Tutor is going to help?

One of the most important aspects of learning and succeeding is individual assessment.  It is important for your tutor to assess your strengths and weaknesses as it helps you to find out where you are personally struggling.  It can also show how far you have come and where you have made positive progress! When we refer a Cardiff & Vale tutor to you, one of the first things that our tutor ...

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Student taking notes

Half Term Happiness

With an 8 week half term in Cardiff & the Vale many students and indeed parents are so ready for this holiday. In this blog Emma Rowell, our English tutor explains how with clever time management this week can be used to benefit you long term.. It’s here! It’s finally here! Rejoice, for half term is FINALLY upon us! It’s been eight weeks of hard graft sleepless nights but we made it! ...

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The New English GCSE Language

Cardiff & Vale Tutors is facing a huge volume of  requests for tuition with the new GCSE English Language. Both Schools and Parents seem worried by this complicated new specification. In our latest article Emma Rowell, our English GCSE tutor & a WJEC Examiner, explains why there is no need to panic! The new GCSE specification for English language may seem complicated but panic not!...

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