Better AS Biology Results Than Predicted

Delighted to hear from our A level Biology Specialist tutor who reported that her AS students " achieved better than their predicted grades" this year.

Anna Nakamura, Cardiff & Vale 'A' level Tutor

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Success With ‘A’ Level German Tuition

Heulwen got on well with my son, he enjoyed the sessions and he felt that he was making good progress. She was very flexible with arrangements. On Results Day 2017 Heulwen , the German A level...

Gillian P

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Y8 Maths Confidence

  My son looks forward to Gary’s lessons, which is amazing as he thought he hated maths and I thought I’d have a battle for every session, but not at all. I think he is feeling more...

Alison Ballard

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Excellent Primary Maths Tuition

I'm really impressed with Gary and more importantly Grace thinks he is great, he was able to form a really good connection in the first session and seems to be able to motivate Grace which is a...


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Feedback from Stanwell School, Penarth

With the Maths GCSE tuition support many students were very complimentary and believed that the process helped to give them confidence going into the exam. The Basic Skills tutors were very popular...

S.Owen, Assistant Acting Head

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